About Our Programs

Charities and other non-profits are going through difficult financial times right now. PuzzleFunds.org was created by a father who saw his daughter's marching band going through the same challenges.

PuzzleFunds.org is designed to help you make money through the sale of custom puzzles you design. Our automated system minimizes the set-up and administration of your fundraising campaigns while providing industry-leading margins of approximately 60% after manufacturing.

Benefits include:

  • No Inventory - puzzles are shipped directly to your buyers

  • No Accounting - We take care of all the money, sales tax, etc. and cut you a check at the end of your campaign

  • Fast setup - Simply create an account & upload your artwork

  • No financial risk - You pay no set-up costs or holding costs. You simply receive a portion of each puzzle sold by your organization.

  • Easy sales - just have your members send buyers to your "store" on our website:  www.PuzzleFunds.org/yourgroup

  • FREE OptionShowcase the Artist! You can include a wallet-sized image and 100-word bio of the student or member that created your puzzle images and we'll print them on the box cover alongside their artwork. See Example.
  • Use our pre-made Sales Templates (paper, electronic & Social Media) to increase awareness of your fundraising campaign.